Scope of delivery, basic version

Complete compressor station ready for operation, comprising:

  • Compressor module
    • Compressor block
    • Suction section
    • Cooling system
    • Intermediate/final separator for oil/water condensate
    • Safety valves after every compressor stage, final pressure safety valve, pressure retention valve/check valve after final compressor stage
  • Electrical control system
  • Gas treatment system
  • Housing
  • Storage system
The main components of the natural gas filling station can be supplied either as individual components or as a complete turnkey system ready for immediate operation.
Compressor unit: The "beating heart" of the system delivers the required quantity of gas as appropriate for the application. The final pressure can be set between 200 and 350 bar.
Electrical control system: The PLC supports fully automatic start/stop operation, can be relied upon to monitor pressure, temperature and readiness for operation, and features a fault display.
Gas treatment system: Gas drying on the high-pressure side cleans the natural gas to rid it of oil and water impurities. The high-pressure filter removes these impurities more thoroughly than at low pressure.
Housing (building): The reinforced housing design provides protection against extreme ambient conditions and features an entirely separate gas-tight electrical enclosure, a gas warning device, and temperature and pressure sensors.
Air-conditioning for high ambient temperatures and an automatic fire extinguisher can be integrated as optional extras.
Storage system: A storage module is made up of a certain number of high-pressure storage bottles mounted on a rack, each with a capacity of 80 litres.

For more detailed information, see the technical data sheets and quotations.