Scope of delivery, basic version

Complete compressor unit ready for operation, comprising:

  • 3-cylinder, 3-stage compressor block
    • Micronic intake filter
    • Intercooler/aftercooler
    •  Intermediate/final separator for oil/water condensate
    •  Intermediate pressure safety valves after every compressor stage, final pressure safety valve type-tested to TÜV standard
    • Oil lubrication
    • Pressure retention valve/check valve after final compressor stage
  • Three-phase motor or petrol engine
  • Air intake hose, 3 m long (combustion engines only), motor circuit-breaker and connecting cable for e-units; units with 400 V/50 Hz including plug connector
  • Vibration-optimised support frame (crash frame), lightweight design thanks to the use of aluminium alloys
  • P 21 filter system with TRIPLEX long-life filter cartridge
  • PN 200 or PN 300 bar filling device
    • 1 filling hose, 1 m long
    • 1 filling valve PN 200 or 300 bar, with automatic bleed and pressure gauge;
      R ⅝" threaded connection, to DIN EN 144-2
    • 1 international filling valve PN 200 (not permitted in Germany)
  • Operating instructions complete with spare parts list, CE declaration of conformity, pressure vessel certificates