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Ukrainian orthodox church

Múnich, 29 de abril de 2022

Setting a great example: BAUER employees provide fantastic support for Ukraine

Every day brings a fresh flood of horrifying images and news about the war in Ukraine. The entire workforce at the BAUER GROUP have been shocked by the terrible situation there at present, the widespread destruction, the human suffering involved and the difficulties faced by refugees.

Our members have shown enormous willingness to help in any way they can, providing support that ranges from taking refugees into their own homes to donating much-needed supplies and money, volunteering in church groups, helping out at emergency canteens and providing language assistance, advice and accommodation.

The BAUER GROUP is extremely proud of the great work being done by our employees, and has pledged to support their enormous dedication. We will therefore double all financial donations collected among our workforce. The BAUER GROUP is also contributing as a company; at the premises of our subsidiary, ROTORCOMP in Germering, accommodation for a family with children is currently being set up and will be handed over to a family proposed by the employees.

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