Noticias 2022

Asim Simon proudly accepting the accolade at the award ceremony

Múnich, 23 de diciembre de 2022

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN receives top brand accolade in the Maldives

The tropical paradise of the Maldives is undisputedly among the world's finest destinations for discerning divers.The archipelago provides a combination of countless dive locations and spectacular underwater scenery that is almost unparalleled across the globe.

The premium dive resorts and dive boats in the Maldives offer facilities and amenities of stellar international quality. And as the sixth Maldives Boating Award demonstrates, this high quality also extends to the paramount  "raw material"  for divers: pure breathing air.

Given this, the coveted title of "Most Preferred  Dive  Compressor  Brand of the  Year"  was awarded to  global market  leader BAUER KOMPRESSOREN. Asim Simon, managing director and operator of BAUER's local A-partner, MA SERVICES Pvt Ltd, proudly accepted the accolade at an award ceremony. Alongside BAUER's legendary quality and uncompromising breathing air safety, the company's swift and outstanding service was a key element in achieving this success.

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