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Group photo BAUER France at the 30th Year Anniverary celebration on 1st October 2015

Múnich, 01 de octubre de 2015

BAUER COMPRESSEURS SAS (France) 30th Anniversary

France | Aix-les-Bains, 01.10.2015 – On 1st October 2015 we celebrated BAUER COMPRESSEURS SAS 30th Anniversary with over 50 customer and guests on its premises in Aix-les-Bains, France.

„Today BAUER France represents Innovation Driver for internal gas pressure, system supplier of biogas plants and a specialist in standard and special solutions in the high-pressure compressor market”, said Raffael Kurz, the Managing Director for BAUER France.

With solutions and systems for Breathing Air, Industrial and CNG filling stations businesses, BAUER COMPRESSEURS SAS generated approximately EUR 8.3 million with a staff of 34 employees.

“France stood for 30 years of continuity in the international environment. Launched in Paris in 1985, BAUER France has developed into an important pillar of our international expansion,” declared Dr. Monika Bayat, CEO of the BAUER GROUP.

The Deputy and Mayor of Aix-les-Bains, Dominique Dord, stressed in his speech the long-term, trusting relationship of the company with the region and associated BAUER as the most high-tech employer in the region.

In his speech, Philipp Bayat, CEO of the BAUER GROUP also mentioned that “In the global environment, BAUER France is an extremely reliable and highly competent company that met the requirements of our international customers with excellent satisfaction.”

Heinz Bauer further commented, “BAUER France’s competence to design and construct system solutions is very pronounced. International customers trust BAUER France as its reliable and technically competent partner.”

For the rapidly growing market in secured compression and storage of biomethane gas, BAUER has unique solutions in these special areas.


The BAUER Group is a rapidly expanding, family-run medium-sized company with over 1200 employees around the world. With a turnover of around EUR 250 million, an export share of over 90% and assembly sites in the USA, Europe and Asia, the BAUER GROUP is a leading player on the global medium-and high-pressure market. The BAUER GROUP is best-known internationally for its compressors for filling breathing air cylinders, which are used by fire crews and divers. Other product areas include natural gas and biogas refuelling systems and special plants for all industrial applications, such as the chemical, petrochemical, automotive, oil, gas and power station industries.

Together with its companies UNICCOMP GmbH and BAUER KOMPRESSOREN GmbH, the BAUER GROUP has developed a reputation in Geretsried as an attractive employer with good internal training opportunities.

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