Search tips

To conduct a basic search, enter one or more terms (at least 2 or more characters, maximum 200 characters in total) into the search window and click the button to search. The BAUER search function will return a list of web pages containing your terms. The search function is not case-sensitive, so you can use upper or lower case.

The most relevant pages are shown at the top of the results list.

The following search operators can help you to make your search more precise

Spaces are used to separate words.

Put specific sequences of words in simple quote marks (" ") to search for the entire character string. Tip the following in the search box:
"Water-cooled compressors"
This will return a comprehensive list of links with information on water-cooled compressors from BAUER.

AND, OR and NOT are search operator that overwrite the default operator, +/|/- corresponds to AND, OR and NOT as operators

Type AND or a plus sign ( +) in front of a term to ensure that the results match the terms exactly:
junior AND capitano
junior +capitano
The results contain a list of links with information on the JUNIOR and CAPITANO.

If you want to exclude a term from the search, type NOT or a minus sign ( -) in front of the term:
compressors water-cooled NOT air-cooled
compressors water-cooled -air-cooled

Expand your search using the OR operator or using the ( |) character. Then type the following into the search box:
junior OR capitano
The result contains a list of links containing information either on the JUNIOR or the CAPITANO.