PE-VE – the concept

PE-VE: Vertical unit concept
PE-VE: Vertical unit concept

The PE-VE series is a classic within the BAUER product range. Enhanced and perfected over the years, the construction has proven itself a thousand times over and stands for reliability, user-friendliness and ease of maintenance.

The user interface of the B-CONTROL compressor control is positioned at a comfortable operating height and is mounted on an inclined surface to improve readability.

The final separator and the optional filter system are positioned in the interior of the compressor unit. A pressure gauge which displays the pressure, the bleed valve for the filter housing and the relevant tool are also located here, making it easier to change the filter cartridge.

The compressor block and engine are arranged on top of each other to save space. This construction means that the V-belt is kept permanently and reliably tensioned by the weight of the engine.

The large removable doors in the Super Silent housing provide fast and convenient access for maintenance and service.

Thanks to a variety of system variants and consistent modularisation, the basic system can be extended in a targeted manner to suit the needs of the respective user.