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Dr Monika Bayat in conversation with the Managing Director of the Temenos building, Daniela Kuchenbaur

The Temenos building in Geretsried

The all-important cheque (from L–R): Heinz Bauer, Dr Monika Bayat, Michael Müller, Daniela Kuchenbaur, Christian Eich

Мюнхене, 24.07.2015

BAUER GROUP funds new Wendy house for Temenos centre in Gelting / Geretsried (Germany)

Dr Bayat and Mr Bauer visited the Temenos House, which opened in May 2015, in Gelting today. The centre has space for 18 babies, plus 38 playschool places and 16 after-school care places.

Together with Mr Müller, the First Mayor of Geretsried, Mr Eich, First Chairman of the Temenos building and Ms Kuchenbaur, the Managing Director, the pair took a tour of the Temenos building and saw the new Wendy house, which is already proving popular among the children.

"Your work with the children in the Temenos House, creating a feeling of inclusion, showing them how to respect nature, and giving them a taste of music in its many diverse forms, appeals to all of the senses and provides them with a space in which they can learn and grow. The 2500 euro donation from the BAUER GROUP has been used to build the new indoor Wendy house and is set to bring a lot of joy to the children,", said Dr Bayat.

"As a family-run yet international mechanical engineering company with several plants in Geretsried, the financial backing of the nursery is our way of showing loyalty to the local area and acknowledging the important educational work that you do,", Dr Bayat continued.

The BAUER GROUP has redesigned its training workshop, part of the BAUER ACADEMY, in Geretsried's southern industrial estate, to create 30% more floor space. More than EUR 100,000 was invested in the training area alone, representing a major investment in the next generation of employees. The BAUER GROUP has a large selection of 'qualified trade' positions available at its plants in Geretsried, which offer excellent 'learn on the job' opportunities, particularly to young people with good practical skills wishing to start a career.

"Who knows, maybe one day one of your little protégés will take up one of our work-study opportunities and be fostered by us as they take their first steps into the professional world and onwards," concluded Dr. Bayat.

About the BAUER Group

The BAUER Group is a rapidly expanding, family-run medium-sized company with over 1200 employees around the world. With a turnover of around EUR 250 million, an export share of over 90% and assembly sites in the USA, Europe and Asia, the BAUER GROUP is a leading player on the global medium-and high-pressure market. The BAUER GROUP is best-known internationally for its compressors for filling breathing air cylinders, which are used by fire crews and divers. Other product areas include natural gas and biogas refuelling systems and special plants for all industrial applications, such as the chemical, petrochemical, automotive, oil, gas and power station industries.

Together with its companies UNICCOMP GmbH and BAUER KOMPRESSOREN GmbH, the BAUER GROUP has developed a reputation in Geretsried as an attractive employer with good internal training opportunities.

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