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FireFit Rodgau_ When firefighters use breathing gear to tackle extreme conditions, high-purity breathing air is essential

TFA Mönchengladbach_ The organizers were delighted at the reliable supply of breathing air by BAUER

TFA Mönchengladbach_ Exhausted but over the moon – the victors on their winners’ podium

Мюнхене, 01.07.2019

Delivering safe breathing air: VERTICUS on tour in Germany

The “Toughest Firefighter Alive”, or TFA, in Mönchengladbach and the “FireFit in Rodgau near Frankfurt marked the start of the 2019 firefighting competition season in Germany. In the coming months, the toughest and most highly trained firefighters from all over Europe will battle it out through a course of obstacles and tasks that will take them to the absolute limits of their physical endurance.

Like last year, the promoters of the event relied on BAUER KOMPRESSOREN to supply the competitors with breathing air. A high-performance VERTICUS high-pressure compressor was set up at the competition site and ensured that the enormous volumes of breathing air required for the event would be reliably supplied in the quantities needed, even at times of peak demand.
Highly pure breathing air is the most crucial part of the athletes’ equipment. It ensures they can make the 20-metre climb to the topmost platform of the competition tower, wearing heavy breathing gear and carrying two foam canisters with a total weight of 30 kilos on their shoulders, or haul an 80-kilo life-size dummy around a 70-metre obstacle course. The built-in B-DETECTION PLUS online gas measurement system was the guarantee of purity, continuously monitoring the breathing air for compliance with regulation limit values – especially for dangerous carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.
This year at each competition more than three hundred competitors of 10 nations had entered to battle it out for the title. They were cheered on by large crowds of spectators, whose enthusiasm transformed the event into a huge party. Media interest was also high; local, regional and national camera teams, photographers and radio journalists were in attendance to follow the TFA and reported in detail.

But the tired firefighters have little time to sit back and rest – the next challenges are just around the corner. The competitors will once again be called on to give their all at the FireFit Contest in in Höver near Hannover (20./21.07), and at the Firefighter Combat Challenges (FCC) near Mosel river (05./07.07) and in Berlin (06./07.09).

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