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Мюнхене, 06.02.2018

Global Corporation Linde visits the new BAUER plant

The purpose of the visit was to explore new areas of expansion for the successful partnership which has been in place between the companies since 1962. Discussions were followed by a tour of the facility, in which the high-ranking delegation had the opportunity to examine the BAUER GROUP’s production expertise in action.

The visitors’ primary interests focused on the production operations, especially their flagship assembly plant with its cutting-edge technology.
The delegation showed enormous interest in the concept within the context of Industry 4.0, the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, and its implementation. The modular system design clearly demonstrated BAUER’s potential for playing a defining role in an expanded partnership in the future.

During an interview, Dr. Bruch expressed his admiration for the culture of the family-run BAUER GROUP, the high level of vertical integration and the company’s ability to combine high-tech processing centres with cutting-edge concepts in logistics and lean assembly:
“I am deeply impressed to see the enthusiasm with which the members of BAUER put the company’s values into action. It’s obvious that each and every one of them truly focuses on quality in all their activities. …
“A common understanding of quality, reliability and mutual respect is definitely the basis for collaboration as a team.”
In addition to the aim of stepping up existing partnerships in the fields of cryotechnology and medical air, new joint projects in the future-oriented area of low-emission, climate-friendly vehicle fuels are seen as offering exceptional potential.

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