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Reedley District’s CNG vehicle fleet is constantly growing, and already has 33 vehicles

BAUER CNG Filling Station in Reedley, CA

Мюнхене, 20.06.2017


California is setting its sights firmly on climate protection. A core element of the overall concept is the state’s changeover of public transport to climate-friendly, low-emission fuels such as CNG.
To achieve this, the city of Reedley is increasingly turning to climate-friendly CNG-powered vehicles as school buses. 33 of its 72 school buses, almost half of Reedley’s entire fleet, now operate with natural gas, and further conversion of the fleet to CNG operation is scheduled for the future.

The exceptional expertise of BAUER COMPRESSORS in this field was the clincher in the tender for construction of the CNG fuelling stations required for the bus fleet. BAUER COMPRESSORS’ outstanding reputation as a quality and technology leader for CNG fuelling stations won the bid:

“With 10,000 school students to transport, we can’t afford any problems with our CNG fuelling systems”, explained Keith Iaia, director of Kings Canyon Unified School District. He added that they regularly had to cover for neighbouring districts when technical problems occurred, to fill in for any lack of fuel provisions. Thanks to the reliability of their own two 26 model X-Fill systems from BAUER, they had never needed to ask for support themselves.

Dr. John Quinto, Assistant Superintendent Business Services, also listed the negligible oil consumption, high efficiency of the water cooling system and, last but not least, the outstanding service quality of the systems as further key criteria in the city’s choice of BAUER.

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