The B-VIRUS FREE protective filter is ready for operation in no time at all. It only needs to be installed on a wall or equipment and connected to a 220/230 V (optionally: 110V) power supply. After just a few seconds of warm-up, functionality is fully guaranteed.

Intake filter

The fresh air is drawn in through the opening of the intake filter due to the vacuum of the compressor. Normal dust particles and even pollen from the air is removed already in the intake filter.

Source of radiation

With the help of the emitting high-energy UVC radiation, the special UV light source eliminates the bonds within the pathogens. That way, the DNA is destroyed in bacteria and moulds, and the RNA in viruses. Reproduction of the pathogens is therefore ruled out.

Control and display

For functional monitoring and control of the UV special light source, the device has a control box which provides visual and acoustic information about the operating status using LEDs and a beeper.

Connection to the compressor

The B-VIRUS FREE protective filter is connected to a specially sealed intake hose before the first compressor stage to exclude any possible leaks between the protective filter and the compressor block, thereby preventing repeated contamination.

Thanks to its innovative functionality, the B-VIRUS FREE protective filter makes sure that fire fighting and disaster control emergency forces, patients in compressed air chambers and even scuba divers are provided with pure breathing air – free of viruses, bacteria, mould spores and pollen. Easy retrofitting of existing BAUER systems possible.

* The B-VIRUS FREE Filter eliminates up to 99.9% (minimum 99%) of coronaviruses, bacteria and certain moulds from intake air.