Helium configuration

Vertical unit concept, G-series
Vertical unit concept, G-series

The G Series MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS are purpose-designed helium / gas compressors for industrial applications. They are especially modified for compression of helium and other rare gases. The compressors are available in a range of configurations to match customers’ needs.

On request, the intake buffer tank and condensate reservoir can be located as free-standing units next to the compressor system, or supplied as an ex-works pre-installed plug-and-play system, mounted complete with compressor on a shared base frame.


  • MINI-VERTICUS and VERTICUS supply helium and other rare gases at final pressures up to 230 bar / 365 bar depending on the process gas.
  • The compressor block is designed specifically for rare gases, to maximize efficiency and minimize leakage.
  • Supplied as standard with gas-tight ferrule compression fittings on high-pressure side
  • Closed-loop system: gas from the crankcase ventilation system and the condensate valves is recovered and returned to the intake area. This simultaneously reduces the risk of external contamination of the process gas.
  • Flexible design: supplied with integrated or separate intake buffer tank/condensate reservoir depending on customer requirements
  • Optional extra-helium-tight model: in this model, even the safety valves are enclosed and integrated into the closed-loop system (with the exception of the final stage; for safety reasons, the final stage safety valve must vent the pressure to the outside if triggered). All piping is stainless steel.
  • On request, helium can be used in final pre-delivery testing of these compressors.