The PURIFICATION MODULE is necessary for the safety and longevity of the oxygen membranes. The residual oil contained in the air compressed upstream by the HIGH PRESSURE MODULE undergoes catalytic conversion in the Eco Tec Converter (ETC).

Contamination in the form of dust is captured by a two-stage particle filter with a filter mesh measuring 0.1 µm. During catalytic conversion, the unique ETC converter splits the oil into pure water and CO2. It facilitates particularly efficient operation as there is no need for the regular filter changes that are typical of activated carbon filters.

Furthermore and once again differing from conventional activated carbon filters, the residual oil content is reduced regardless of oil cargo, moisture and the temperature of the compressed air. The compressed air is oil-free in accordance with Class 0 (0.0025 mg/Nm³) as per ISO 8573-1.

The PURIFICATION MODULE developed by sister company ROTORCOMP and available exclusively from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN protects the oxygen membrane inside the OX MODULE.

Thanks to BAUER technology, the full efficiency of the oxygen membrane is maintained in the long term.