420 bar final pressure from the MINI-VERTICUS

External BAUER purification systems for wall mounting

Monaco, 05 ottobre 2020


BAUER has launched a comprehensive product drive in its Breathing Air and Industry sectors, focusing on expanding the variety of models on offer – to the benefit of customers. The latest systems offer appreciably higher performance and an array of extra technical features, which enable them to be used for significantly broader scopes and even new applications. For example, the B-MEMBRANE 550/40 can be used to produce nitrox with 40 per cent oxygen content instead of the previous 36 per cent, even at higher charging rates. This extends divers‘ time under water by reducing decompression stops.

Another new model, the B-MEMBRANE 700/36, joins BAUER‘s family of stationary nitrox systems with top charging rates. It can deliver 700 litres of oxygen-enriched breathing air with 36 per cent oxygen content. The popular MINI-VERTICUS stationary compressor family has likewise added a new 420-bar variant for its 200 and 250 l/min models, enabling the compressors to be used for efficient filling of high-pressure storage units and raising the cost-effectiveness of the system.

The tried-and-tested P41 and P61 purification systems, used with virtually all stationary systems, are now also available as external wall-mounted systems. They are particularly useful for system operators using multiple compressors or compressors with smaller-scale purification systems and seeking to add downstream redundancy. Integrated purification systems have also seen new developments; PE500/550-VE systems are now optionally available with P61 purification system for even longer filter cartridge life. Industry customers will benefit most from the faster charging rates and higher pressures offered by these new models; in booster systems, the new highend GIB 15.3-11 booster for the VERTICUS series and POSEIDON EDITION improves the charging rate by 200 l/min to 950 l/min.

The stationary POSEIDON EDITION systems with atmospheric pressure intake also offer an impressive rise in performance to 800 l/min at 350 bar operating pressure. The MINI-VERTICUS Industry series now has a new addition – a high-pressure compressor model for 420-bar final pressure. The I120-5.5-MV delivers 190 l/min to max. 420 bar and is ideal for purposes such as test and experimental applications. The two new water-cooled GB23.2-37 and GB23.2-45 compressors in the GB family are designed specifically for compressing helium and heliox. They have a higher pre-pressure range of 0.6–1 bar, enabling them to reach FAD of 1820 l/min at 300 bar.

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