The brandnew OCEANUS with electric drive

Monaco, 18 luglio 2022

BAUER's legendary portable classics redefined

For the past two decades, the legendary product quality of BAUER’s JUNIOR II, OCEANUS and PE 100 has set the benchmark for mobile breathing air compressors in diving applications.
Now the latest generation in this sector has raised the bar even higher.

The sleek, iconic design of the new COMPACT LINE makes an immediate impact – and its sophisticated technical features are also winners. Drawing on advanced measurement technology, the fan and fanbelt protectors have been remodelled and now have optimized blade shape and geometry that optimize the cooling air flow to the cylinders.

By combining these new elements with a larger final-stage cooling unit, BAUER has succeeded in significantly boosting the compressor’s cooling efficiency. This enables compressor operators to benefit from a longer filter cartridge life, and expands the range of high-temperature applications for the compressor.

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