Notizie 2015

Heinz Bauer tells State Minister Aigner about his life spent in the service of his company

Heinz Bauer with State Minister Aigner at the endurance test rig for compressor blocks

State Minister Ilse Aigner on a tour of the systems production facility at the new plant

Monaco, 25 giugno 2015

Minister of State Ilse Aigner visits the new BAUER plant at Geretsried

On 19 June 2015 the municipality of Geretsried was awarded the title of “2014 Energy Transition Council” by Ilse Aigner, Bavarian State Minister of Economic Affairs, Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology, for its exemplary activities in the field of energy.
Despite her tight schedule, Minister Aigner took the time to tour the plants of BAUER KOMPRESSOREN and UNICCOMP as flagship examples of owner-managed companies in the region.
Heinz Bauer, the second-generation head of BAUER, and Roland Becker, Managing Director of UNICCOMP, received Minister Aigner in the new plant cafeteria.

At the meeting, Heinz Bauer gave an eloquent account of the company’s history throughout the past decades, spanning his own career at BAUER from his graduation to the time when he handed over the reins to his daughter, Dr Monika Bayat – now sole owner – and including plenty of interesting anecdotes along the way.
He received quite a surprise when he was about to explain to the Minister how a diving compressor works. Minister Aigner proved to be a fan of diving and demonstrated considerable technical knowledge in this specialist field, in which BAUER KOMPRESSOREN is the undisputed market leader.

On her subsequent tour of the UNICCOMP components plant, she was astonished at the extent of vertical integration at the plant, an aspect now undergoing further development after a 1.5-million-euro investment in additional advanced production machinery. The highlight of the tour was the brand-new BAUER KOMPRESSOREN plant, which opened only this March. Minister Aigner was extremely impressed that the company had made further investments in expensive, but eco-friendly technologies to support the municipality of Geretsried in achieving its targets in the energy transition. Temperatures in the production facility are regulated by means of concrete core activation, a system that makes use of heat extracted from production processes or the outside air in an exemplary energy-saving cycle. Ultra-modern energy-saving LED lighting has been installed throughout the plant.

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