Notizie 2017

These state-of-the-art premises house the new nanoresearch centre at Hamburg University’s campus

Two advanced GB 23.2 rare gas compressors operate as an interconnected unit to compress the costly helium recovered during measurement

Monaco, 28 settembre 2017

BAUER helium recovery system goes into operation at Hamburg University

The abbreviation CHYN stands for one of Germany’s most cutting-edge research institutions, the new Center for Hybrid Nanostructures. Located at Hamburg University’s Bahrenfeld Research Campus, the Center was ceremonially opened on 19 July 2017. CHNY’s work involves research into nanotechnology and its applications, with a particular focus on hybrid nanostructures. Here, the properties of solid bodies and biomaterials are analysed and aligned to develop materials with new properties – hybrid nanostructures – for chemical, biological and medical applications. One practical example of this process for the future is the development of nanoscale bioelectrical implants to replace damaged human sensory cells. The international significance of nanophysics is reflected in the enormous investments totalling EUR 61 million provided by the German state and Hamburg University for the new Center.

At the heart of the facility is a low-vibration clean room in which researchers can build their own nanostructures. The measurements required to verify research results are performed to the maximum precision at ultra-low temperatures which can only be achieved by using liquid helium. However, the helium that escapes during the measurement process is too valuable to allow it to simply dissipate.

The new helium recovery systems from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN prevent this loss of helium. Two advanced air-cooled GB 23.2 compressors, operated as an interconnected unit and centrally controlled by a B-CONTROL SUPERIOR, compress the recovered helium to the required final pressure. Before the highly compressed helium is returned to the system, it is purified and dehumidified by two high-efficiency SECCANT 3AH regeneration dryers.

Various BAUER helium compression systems have been performing reliably at other faculties at Hamburg University for many years –a factor that will certainly have influenced the University’s decision to choose BAUER KOMPRESSOREN for the new facility.

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