NK 60 - Guidelines for installation, servicing, safety and storage

NK 60 Installation & Maintenance

Belt tension:

Excessive tension will significantly reduce bearing life and void any warranty coverage.


Installation always has to be vertical. The connecting pipes to the oil and compressed air aftercooler should be made of steel tubings and generously dimensioned. Always refer to the ROTORCOMP product information sheet.


The ROTORCOMP air ends are service-free. Shaft seals and moving parts are subject to natural wear.

Safety instruction:

This component does not constitute a finished product in the legal sense of the term. Only after installation and in connection with other components does it form a final product - e.g. a screw compressor system. Its proper installation is thus the responsibility of the system manufacturer. Screw compressor systems must be installed and operated in accordance with the currently valid safety and accident prevention regulations.


There must be an adequate corrosion protection procedure carried out when stored for a longer period of time. All of the components must be protected against damage from jolting and impact. Any transportation damage must be dealt immediately with the forwarding agent.

Store in dry rooms without acid vapors, alkalis or other chemicals 1,5 m (2 yds) away from radiators and at least 0,20 m (8 in.) above storage room floor. Storage not below +20°C and at max. 50% relative air humidity.

Technical inquiries:

The points listed above are the prerequisites for safe operation. If you have additional technical inquiries please get in touch with ROTORCOMP.

ROTORCOMP components comply with the latest technical standing. However, in the interest of further technical development, we reserve the right to modifications.



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