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Separator Cartridges - DOM Series


This separator cartridge of the DOM series is used to recover residual oil from the compressed air.

Main operating data:

  • Volumetric displacement 6,5 m³/min
    (at 7 bar/100 psig) ca.: 230 cfm
  • Operating pressure max.: 17 bar (240 psig )
  • Operating temperature max.: +110 °C (+230 °F)
  • Operating temperature min.: +5 °C (+40 °F)

Operate cartridge only in correct connection with fitting separator head, minimum pressure valve, oil drain gauge, and discharge delay valve.


The separator cartridge removes almost the entire residual oil from the compressed air, on the condition that pre-separation in the separator receiver works correctly. The cartridge is vertically mounted; the air/oil flow enters at the bottom and the residual oil is separated from the air when flowing through the special filter element. The oil flows back to the oil circuit. The remaining oil carry over in the air amounts to approx. 1-2 mg/m³ of compressed air, depending on velocity, operating temperature, oil quality oil viscosity and preseparation in the separator receiver. The almost oilfree compressed air leaves the cartridge at its lower end through the central pipe.
ROTORCOMP has designed pre-separators especially suitable for use with the DOM series separator cartridge.



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