The Optimal Components for Economic Operation

Details of the Hiqh Pressure Storage

Configuration of connected high pressure storage systems:

The correct volume storage system is essential for the efficient operation of the unit. The right storage capacity will:

Reduce pressure fluctuations for large, irregular air consumption

Reduce the number of on/off cycles

The final separator and storage cylinders of a high pressure system are only designed for a specific number of load cycles. Fewer on/off operations prolong the lifetime of these components.

In order to achieve maximum lifetime of the final separator, the operation of the compressor should be regulated so that a maximum of 4 load cycles per hour is achieved.

For your safety, BAUER's breathing air compressors in the KAP and VERTICUS ranges have built-in cycle counters as standard to determine the total number of cycles.

Cylinder size depends on:

The free air delivery of the compressor

The air consumption of the specific application

The set pressure differential at which the final pressure switch should restart the compressor (bar) = Δ p.

Simplified formula for configuring a high pressure storage system based on 4 load cycles/hour:

V(l) =    Vk × 4
Vk (l/min) = free air delivery of the compressor in litres per minute
V(l) = storage volume in litres (water capacity)
Δ p (bar) = on/off pressure differential (range of pressure fluctuations) in bar

We recommend a pressure switch differential of Δ p max. 60 bar. Up to this pressure differential, TÜV approval is unproblematic.

For greater pressure differentials, the number of cylinder fillings is limited. Authorities have previously set a limit of 3300 load cycles.

50-litre, 350-bar high pressure cylinders have become industry standar. We supply them individually or as racks (storage banks with 3, 4 and 5 cylinders). Larger cylinders have longer delivery time and tend to be more expensive. We would therefore recommend the standard size.

Diagram of a Ready-to-run Compressor System

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