SECURUS Monitoring System For Breathing Air

SECURUS Safety System

SECURUSThe SECURUS system monitors the saturation of the filter cartridge by measuring the humidity of the molecular sieve and gives an "advance warning" on the B-CONTROL and SECURUS display when the filter cartridge should be changed.
SECURUS automatically switches the compressor unit off if the cartridge is saturated. The cartridge's level of saturation is also indicated optically.
SECURUS therefore provides dry and clean breathing air at all times and also maximises the utilisable capacity of the filter cartridge. Purchasing the SECURUS unit consequently pays off in a short time.

SECURUS Filter Monitoring Unit

SECURUS Filterberwachung

1 = SECURUS monitoring unit for the B-CONTROL compressor control

1a = SECURUS monitoring jack for the customer's proprietary compressor controls

2 = B-CONTROL control unit and display

3 = B-CONTROL central circuit board

4 = power unit

5 = final pressure safety valve

6 = non-return valve

7 = venting valve with pressure gauge

8 = SECURUS monitoring unit with LEDs indicating required filter changes, giving an advanced warning about filter changes and the operating status of the unit

9 = pressure maintaining valve

Two versions of the SECURUS unit are available:

  1. For use in conjunction with the B-CONTROL control with an integrated monitoring device.
  2. For use in conjunction with the customer's own control system, a SECURUS monitoring unit is supplied.

Diagram of a Ready-to-run Compressor System

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