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High Pressure Drying and Purifying

P5 - P10/CNG
P12 - P14/CNG

Why dry at the inlet of the compressor and use a separate coalescing filter system for oil removal after the compressor when a BAUER High Pressure Processing System for natural gas can accomplish both in one step?

BAUER High Pressure Gas Processing Systems are the economical solution for drying and purifying natural gas for NGV refueling stations. BAUER recommends only high pressure drying for NGV refueling station compressors. Installed immediately after the compressor, these dependable, yet simplistic systems ensure gas dewpoints in accordance the latest published standards that pertain to the quality of natural gas for use as a vehicle fuel and optimum gas quality to storage and to NGVs. These systems use replaceable cartridges filled with high capacity molecular seive tailored for drying natural gas without removing the odorant. New cartridges are inexpensive and can be quickly and easily replaced at your convenience and without interruption to the station. There are no moving parts to the systems and they do not require power for operation. An electronic dewpoint monitor with LCD display is available for indicating gas dewpoint in choice of engineering units. The moisture sensor is installed downstream of the gas processing system. BAUER High Pressure Processing Systems for natural gas can be used downstream of competitive brand natural gas compressors. Consult BAUER for more information about High Pressure Gas Processing Systems for NGV refueling.

BAUER High Pressure Processing Systems for natural gas are heatless, non-regenerative, adsorptive type dryer/purifiers. They are designed for working pressures of 2000 - 5000 PSIG.

Scope of supply includes:

Bypass Circuit with Bypass Valve at Inlet

Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge at Inlet

Safety Valve for Overpressure Protection

Coalescing Pre-filter with Manual Drain

Multi-tower Processing with Replaceable Cartridges

Particulate After-filter

Check Valve at Panel Inlet and Outlet

Pressure Maintaining Valve at Outlet

Vent Valve

Visual Moisture Indicator

Panel Mounted

Model Maximum Flow Rate
For Compressor Model
(two tower)
40 C100II - C15.1II
(three tower)
40 C15.2II - C220 and BK 15.4 II
(two tower)
161 C23.1 - C250
(three tower)
161 C250 - C280

Each model is available with one additional tower.


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