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Installation & commissioning


Following consultation with the client in the course of the planning, the best location for the CNG fuel station is selected by our engineers.

After the client has erected a concrete foundation the complete CNG station is set up by us, electrically cabled and tubed. An additional important aspect is the precise observation of the statutory ex-protection regulations.

Due to the minimised explosion protection zones of our CFS natural gas fuel stations we are able to find an optimal installation solution even if very little space is available.


The system including all pressure lines from the compressor to the storage tank and from there again to the dispenser / filling post is completely professionally piped by BAUER in accordance with the relevant guidelines and subsequently reviewed by TÜV / DVGW or another approval organisation.
The necessary scheduling with the companies and authorities involved is attended to and co-ordinated by our project team.

Electrical cabling

Of course our service engineers also take care of the electrical cabling both of the compressor system as well as of the dispenser/filling post. The operator simply has to provide a high-voltage connection. The connection to an existing cash till system is carried out on request by BAUER following consultation with the third-party companies involved.


After the compressor system has been installed it is started, reviewed again and a trial refuelling is carried out on natural gas vehicles or if necessary using BAUER's own testing equipment.
BAUER also provides the appertaining project organisation and scheduling for the installation and commissioning of the compressor, storage unit & filling post technology so that the commissioning of the CNG fuel station generally only takes a few days.

TÜV / DVGW - acceptance

Already at our plant in Munich the components such as compressor, storage system and other subassemblies of the delivery package can be subjected to a partial acceptance inspection by the TÜV. After assembly at the installation location the installation is tested by a TÜV / DVGW expert and the technical documentation of the technical partial acceptance inspection at the manufacturing plant is only subjected to a standard inspection.
This acceptance at the installation location is carried out by the service team together with the relevant supervisory authority.

Calibration of the dispenser / filling post

For gas dispensing to third parties against payment it is essential that the dispenser facilities are calibrated.

In order to enable this, our dispensers work with a Coriolis mass flow meter, which converts the data provided by means of a post calculator or an automatic vending machine into a form capable of being calibrated. All dispensers supplied by BAUER are approved by Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) for payment transactions subject to statutory calibrations.
The necessary calibration of the CNG filling post is carried out by BAUER in co-operation with the respective calibration authority. All the test equipment required for this calibration is available.

Personnel instruction

The delivery package includes a detailed instruction of the client's authorised employees regarding the technology and electricity of the system for example to be able to produce and modify tank documents or also for the operator of the system to be able to carry out the most important basic settings and simple maintenance work.

The instruction of the personnel takes place on the turn-key CNG fuel station, which has already been approved by the supervisory authorities, before it is handed over to the client.


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