CNG-/Natural Gas Stations for Vehicles

Pro natural gas - full speed ahead for the environment, mobility and cost-effectiveness

Since the mid 90s BAUER has been manufacturing system solutions for filling vehicles running on natural gas which are becoming more and more important due to the constantly increasing crude oil prices and the increasing environmental pollution.

To date, since the mid 90s the company has set up more than 250 natural gas fuel stations world wide.
In particular it is worth mentioning that all system components of a CNG fuel station such as compressor and tank unit, gas dryer systems, filling priority and sequential refuelling controls as well as filling systems are developed and produced at BAUER and co-ordinated to run smoothly together.

Furthermore to date BAUER Compressors Inc., based in Norfolk, Virginia (USA), has produced more than 300 natural gas fuel stations for the North American market.

Top reliability and quality standards have made BAUER a leader in all fields of its product range on the international market. This level is maintained by highly qualified personnel backed by many years of experience in all company areas and is subject to on-going improvement. And last but not least, this standard was also achieved through the introduction of a quality assurance system in accordance with the high requirements of ISO 9001. Already in 1997 the company was certified by TÜV Product Service Munich.


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