5000 PSI Service - Alternative Design Portables for the Dive Market


MII /DV-D - Diesel Engine Drive

Three stage, heavy duty portable models are available in a choice of electric motor, gasoline or diesel engine drive.

Standard Features

BAUER P0 Breathing Air Purification System

Final Pressure Switch (DV-E)

Stainless Steel Intercoolers and Aftercooler

Inlet Filter with Flexible Intake Hose on all DV Engine Drive

Vibration Isolators

High Temperature Switch (DV-E and DV-G)

Motor Starter with NEMA 12/13 Enclosure (E/DV)

5 Foot Fill Hose Assembly with SCUBA Yoke, Bleed Valve and Pressure Gauge

Optional Features

Visual CO/Moisture Monitor

Final Pressure Switch for Gasoline Engine

Hourmeter/Tachometer (gasoline engine drive units)

Vibration Type Hourmeter (diesel engine drive units)

Purification Upgrade to P31

HONDA Gasoline Engine

Technical Data
Model Charging Rate FAD ** HP RPM Dimensions Inches Weight
SCFM * L W H lbs.
MII /DV-E1/E3 8.4 7.0 7.5 1250 46 22 24 285
MII /DV-G 8.4 7.0 8.0 1250 46 22 24 260
MII /DV-D 8.4 7.0 6.0 1250 46 22 24 278

* Based on recharging an 80 cubic foot tank from 500 to 3000 PSIG.
** Compressor capacity referenced to standard inlet conditions.

E1 = Single Phase Electric, 230 VAC/60 Hz
E3 = Three Phase Electric, 230/460 VAC/60 Hz
G = Gasoline
D = Diesel

Other voltages and frequencies available on request.

Dimensions and weights are approximate and are subject to change.


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