Pure Air, a Prerequisite for Safe Diving - TRIPLEX® Air Purification System

The TRIPLEX AIR Purification System

A safe and dependable filter technology, such as BAUER's TRIPLEX® filter system, protects the diver and fire fighter against inhaling noxious fumes and against the regulator freezing up.

Our mobile compressor range is equipped with the TRIPLEX filter system. The air quality conforms to DIN EN 12021* standard (former DIN 3188).

  1. Untreated compressed air is channelled into the filter housing.
  2. The compressed air is injected as to produce a rotating motion. Centrifugal force removes the residual air and oil particles by hurling them against the container wall. The condensate is collected in the container and is drained in regular intervals.
  3. The molecular sieve removes water vapour from the compressed air.
  4. The activated carbon filter removes residual oil and other contamination.
  5. Microfilters retain even the tiniest solid contaminants.
  6. Clean and dry air leaves the filter system.

A TRIPLEX® filter cartridge has a capacity of 92 000 litres of air at 200 bar or 138 000 litres of air at 300 bar (*). In other words you can fill 46 standard 10-litre diving cylinders to a final pressure of 200 bar.

(*) capacity in terms of free air delivery measured at 1 bar absolute, +20 °C air temperature and +30 °C final separator temperature.

* if unit is properly maintained and installation of units is done according to operation manual and using the BAUER AERO-GUARD if the CO₂ concentration in the intake air exceeds the predetermined standard values.

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