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Here you can find the latest news on all aspects of projects supported by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN Group. If you are interested in one of the reports, click on the headline and the full text will appear on the screen.

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN GmbH visited and supported two cutting-edge Paintball Tournaments in May: We believe Paintball Sports should be promoted to grow more and more... read more

BAUER KOMPRESSOREN SUPPORTS BMWThat BAUER makes compressors and BMW in Munich makes cars is a generally known fact. However the two traditional companies are linked by more than German quality from the capital of Bavaria... read more

NEW WORLD RECORD IN UNDERWATER WALKINGWolfgang Kulow is once again world record holder in underwater walking. With support from BAUER KOMPRESSOREN on 14th May in the forest swimming pool of Lensahn (Schleswig-Holstein) the 53 year old extreme athlete regained his record which he lost last year. To achieve this he walked underwater for 48.7 kilometres within 24 hours and 24 minutes... read more

A NEW WORLD RECORD IN LONG-DISTANCE DIVINGAndreas Heidenreich, Danny Voigt, Torsten Busch, Rene Marr, Rene Grove and Jörg Grohmann dived 33 kilometres within 32 hours. It is only thanks to their unbelievable enthusiasm that these six even managed this record at all as the entire event seemed to be doomed from start to finish. The six divers were supported by BAUER KOMPRESSOREN... read more

Millennium Series PaintballBAUER KOMPRESSOREN is premium sponsor of the Millennium Series Paintball and has donated 15,000,- EUR in the form of three coupons à 5,000,- EUR... read more

Starship Millennium VoyageBAUER supported this scientific expedition by contributing a complete filling station free of charge. Join us on this 1000-day cruise around the world and into the new Millennium... read more

Third Around-the-World Cruise by Otto and Johanna ZimmermannFor many years a BAUER JUNIOR compressor has been a trusted supplier of purest breathing air during Otto Zimmermann's frequent diving excursions. Besides air quality, BAUER's legendary reliability and the worldwide availability of spare parts are an important consideration for Mr. Zimmermann.

Do take the time to read the first and second expedition reports for Otto Zimmermann's global cruise. You will find out interesting details about the adventurer Otto Zimmermann and his wife Johanna, the ship Astronotus II and their route... read more

Underwater Hockey - German National TeamFor the world championship, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN supplied the German National Underwater Hockey Team with team apparel and products from BAUER's MAXXIMUM PRESSURE COLLECTION... read more

Free Diving – Heimo Hanke

Heimo HankeFor several years BAUER has been involved in the sponsorship of free diving and in particular Heimo Hanke, fresh water specialist and world champion.


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