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Cape Town, July 13, 1999

Astronotus II – Third Around the World Cruise – Diary Entry #2

Dear friends,

greetings from aboard the SY "Astronotus II" to the team at BAUER KOMPRESSOREN. We have visited the BAUER representative here in Cape Town, Under Water World, several times to purchase several items – amongst others a diving suit.

The water temperature is extremely low all year round. Seven millimetres of neoprene are quite necessary. The winter here is more temperate than in Europe - apart from heavy south-westerly winds and the occasional storm. We can undertake maintenance work and anti-corrosion measures here, rather than in the South Pacific.

The "BAUER KOMPRESSOREN" sun sail has been put to good use, since the daytime temperatures exceed +27 °C. During the night temperatures fall to +4 °C. Apparently the Table Mountain has already been topped by snow.

For marketing purposes, I hasten to add that the BAUER compressor and accessories (e. g. the pressure valves) have been of fundamental value on our cruise. We employed the unit not only as a filling station for air cylinders (for underwater maintenance work and marine excursions, but also as an air supply for airbrush and anti-corrosion equipment.

Yours, Otto and Hanni


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