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High-pressure air assists prospecting for crude oil and natural gas depositsDue to the worldwide increase of consumption of natural gas and crude oil, the international crude oil companies involved are constantly trying to develop and exploit further energy resources on our planet. In the process, high-pressure air supplements seismic techniques used to explore the earth’s crust by means of sound waves and to represent it graphically... read more

Concrete building with H.P. compressor system model GIB 15.3-11-5In the Saxon town Freiberg, the company Choren Industries GmbH is building a modern plant for the production of a synthetic automotive fuel obtained from biomass. The production should commence in 2008. In accordance with the applicable accident prevention regulations, gaseous nitrogen has to be used during repair works and inspections in BTL production plants for rinsing the plants in order to prevent dangerous plant conditions occurring. BAUER KOMPRESSOREN, the specialist in the high pressure gas sector, provides an efficient compressor station for this purpose with a generous storage capacity, where the gas coming from a supply unit is compressed to 200 bar for storing purposes... read more

NewsBAUER Kompressoren GmbH can think back with satisfaction to the 9 days of the BOOT 2008 in Düsseldorf. The world’s largest yacht, motorsport and diving euipment trade fair attracted 279,000 visitors this year. In 2007 there were 273,000 visitors. There were also peak fi gures in areas other than visitor numbers: 1,699 exhibitors from 57 countries presented boat premieres, new aquatic sports devices as well as equipment and accessories in 17 exhibition halls across a total exhibition area of 220,000 square metres... read more

NewsNobody would expect that for many years now, compressed air has taken on an important part in the small, but nevertheless very important sector of urea production within the fertilizer industry... read more

NewsBAUER KOMPRESSOREN's new office in Shanghai was opend in January 2008 to service the China region... read more

NewsNew field of application for high pressure compressors in the extraction of nickel ore
High pressure compressors compress air from 90 bar to 500 bar. In the field of ore mining in New Caledonia, highpressure air supplements the processing in an acid autoclave. The special plant for nickel processing impresses with its container type construction which is a match for the extreme climatic conditions... read more


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