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Munich, March 25, 2003

TECH-NEWS: The New Blocks for the VERTICUS Range

Even more reliable. An even greater performance. A complete product range. These were the guidelines realized through the development of the new block range.

All blocks were new designs from the start. Apart from technical improvements the weight could be reduced on average by 10%. At the same time, however, the F.A.D. was increased by 8%.

New block types like IK15.11 for 420 and 500 bar up to 460 lit. and the CNG blocks IK15.2 II-C and BK15.4 II-C expand the BAUER product range by some interesting models, especially pricewise.

A change of generation without any problems: all essential assembly dimensions and interfaces of the old block range remain the same. So the exchange of old against new block requires only little time.

Technical details, which make the difference

Technical details, which make the difference1 – The new intake filter's
intake sound was considerably reduced. And the new, fully recycable filter insert made of paper is an advantage for the environment.

2 – The newly developed valve heads
of the first stage reach 8% more capacity due to the temperature- and flow optimized construction. New laminar valves of low-maintenance - technically state-of-the-art - guarantee little noise.

3 – The new intermediate coolers
made of stainless steel, last for years even under the most violent and unfavourable environmental conditions. Besides the extraordinary corrosion resistance, the stainless steel coolers also provide thermal constancy.

4 – The new one-piece crank case
with its solid compressor feet has an oil sump, which takes 60% more oil. Therefore the MAX/MIN-range is increased five times, resulting in a comfortable safety buffer, allowing an inclination of up to 20°.

5 – The new cooling fan
offers high performance, excellent cooling and more silent running than formerly at the same time.

6 – The new high pressure final stage
is fitted with piston rings made of a newly developed high tech synthetic material, which has proven its superb anti-abrasive properties in long-term tests. Due to this new technology, the oil consumption has been reduced again, and smooth running and lifetime increased at the same time.

7 – The new low pressure lubricating systemfeatures a low speed gear pump coupled directly to the crankshaft. The lube-oil is cleaned by an easily exchangeable micro filter. This too considerably increases the lifetime of moving parts in the compressor.

8 – The new heavy duty driving gearsare suitable for continuous operation. Long lasting, indestructible industrial roller bearings providing minimum friction, hardened cylinders and the new lubricating system make these compressors highly economical.

9 – The new oil filler neck
at the front of the crank case, and oil sight-glass, allows simple and safe filling and control of the oil level at a glance. No overfilling is possible.

Technical Data

IK150 II - Air-Block   IK15.2 II-C - Gas-Block   IK15.3 II - Booster-Block

IK150 II - Air-Block


IK15.2 II-C - Gas-Block


IK15.3 II - Booster-Block

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