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Munich, April 1999


One Size Fits All - the New Modular Compressor Concept

VERTICUS 5The rising star amongst the super-silenced units was on display at Hanover Fair 1999.

Based on the veteran VERTICUS design, the BAUER engineers developed an entirely new and highly modular compressor concept.

The successor's reliable and smooth-running compressor block, the trusted filter system and the robust drive system were retained. All other components were cleverly revised and updated.

Three unit configurations are available:

  • The basic configuration consists of the compressor block, motor and optional filter system assembled on a spring-mounted frame.
  • By adding the front module, which incorporates the electronic compressor control, the compressor can be operated as an open, non-silenced unit.
  • By attaching the hood, side panels and rear module, a super-silenced unit is put together. The clever sound dampening system reduces the unit's maximum emission to 68 dB/A at 1 metre's distance.

The modular concept allows customers to adapt the unit. Their specific requirements are met at any point in time: an open unit can easily be transformed into a super-silenced unit and vice versa.

The new standard unit incorporates several other improvements: the motor and compressor block can be accessed more easily, the filter system is integrated in the housing and all inlets and outlets have been moved to the back of the unit.

Additional information and technical data is available on the "VERTICUS 5" product page.

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