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Munich, May 1997

Worth Celebrating - JUNIOR Compressor

BAUER JUNIORA genuine "BAUER" offered to you at a special anniversary price. The world leader for diving compressors offers a complete filling station in a compact unit. "Unterwasser" spotlights this small compressor with the big capacity.

In time for the diving season, BAUER offers a special edition of its JUNIOR compressor. To celebrate the 50th company anniversary, the BAUER's JUNIOR compressor is launched as a special limited edition of 500 units.

As expected, the JUNIOR is a cleverly put together diving compressor system. Despite the wide array of incorporated components, the unit weighs only 46 kg and is simply to transport. A competitive price of DM 3600 for the petrol engine unit and DM 3450 for the electric drive unit is certainly very attractive.

The unit performance is impressive: both units have a free air delivery of 100 litres per minute, at 200 or 300 bar respectively. For mobile applications, a 5.5 hp motor ensures plentiful air supply. For stationary applications, single- or three-phase motors are available for three different power ranges. The single-phase, alternating current unit can be operated from a standard wall socket with a 20-ampere fuse.

JUNIOR "Edition"
Tel. (089) 780 49-0
retail price:
  DM 3450,- (electric drive)
DM 3600,- (petrol engine)
Free air delivery:   100 litres/min
Pressure:   225 or 330 bar
Number of stages:   3
Dimensions (L×B×H):   750 × 380 × 450 mm
Weight:   44 to 47 kg
Drive:   petrol, three-phase
alternating current,
alternating current
Guarantee:   6 months
Value for your money:  

Pressure up: air is compressed in the three-stage compressor block, which receives ambient air through a micronic air filter. A multi-stage air cooler dissipates the heat, which is produced during the compression process. Inter coolers prevent the individual stages from overheating; the after cooler reduces the air temperature before it enters the cylinder. Safety valves allow no-risk-operation of this high pressure unit. Moisture is collected in the condensate tank, which must be drained manually every 15 minutes. An automatic condensate drain would have been desirable. Since you'll have to keep a watchful eye on the highly portable JUNIOR compressor anyway, this is less of a problem then it may seem.

Don't freeze up: dry air offers optimum protected against your regulator's first stage freezing up and free flowing. BAUER's filter system ensures that the breathing air flowing through your regulator conforms to the DIN EN 12021* standard.
The TRIPLEX filter cartridge treat compressed air. The molecular sieve absorbs moisture; in a second layer activated carbon absorbs oil residue and chemical pollutants. In parallel the TRIPLEX system mechanically scrubs air passing through it; dirt and dust that have passed through the intake filter are effectively removed. The air entering your cylinder is entirely clean and dry. Each cartridge has a capacity of 160 000 litres purest breathing air - 80 bottles can be filled using a single cartridge. When considering that the cylinders are never completely emptied, the lifetime of a filter covers an entire diving season of two average divers. Afterwards, the filter has to be replaced. The filter cartridge should cost you around DM 35.00. The filter price, hence, works out to be less than DM 0.50 per cylinder -a price well worth paying for a safe air supply.

Verdict: a genuine BAUER compressor at an excellent price. In terms of value for money, the JUNIOR compressor is unrivalled. Servicing and spare part costs are moderate. An automatic condensate drain would simplify filling procedures.

Report: "Unterwasser", Jörg Neisser, issue 5/1997, page 91

* if unit is properly maintained and installation of units is done according to operation manual and using the BAUER AERO-GUARD if the CO₂ concentration in the intake air exceeds the predetermined standard values.

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